Posted by on Apr 25, 2014

I know, that is a very tantalizing title for a short post, but it is 11 pm and a longer telling of the days events will have to wait until tomorrow.

But here are three photos to whet the appetite:


On the flight up to the field site, which is right on top of the dome on the left at the head of the valley system.  

post-1Grainy iPhone zoom but give a great sense of the drama of the position of the field site.  We were way up high on a small ice cap surrounded by mountains that were sticking up out of a much lower layer of cloud.  Words can’t describe it (though I will try them later!)


post-2My after-school Milton crew, this is for you.  This is one of the shallower pits we have sampled, but from here I have two different kinds of snow/ice samples and Matt (Dr. Evans) is starting a core.  These will all go to Milton for us to work on!