Welcome to the website and blog of the “Disko Bay Ice Coring Project”, a National Science Foundation funded collaborative research endeavor of scientists at MIT/WHOI, Clark University, Wheaton College, and University of Washington.

The purpose of this three year study is to investigate the influence of sea surface variability (sea ice and temperature) on ice sheet mass balance and outlet glacier behavior using records from ice cores around Disko Bay, Greenland.  To learn more about the project, please view the static content pages along the top of each page.

This site and blog is part of an outreach effort by our high school teacher, Matt Bingham who will participate in the project throughout, including the April 2014 field season.  Before, during, and after the field seasons, the blog will strive to chronicle the project is as much detail as possible, thus allowing students (and anyone else) to follow along with the project.  High school students are also actively involved in helping to create much of the content of these pages as a way to learn more about the project.

On each of the main pages is a link our Instagram.  Please check that for photos of all the goings-on!

Please check back frequently to follow our progress and to learn from our student contributors.