Matt B

Matt Bingham, Milton Academy, Milton, MA

Matt Bingham teaches Advanced Environmental Science, Geology, and Biology at Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts.  He holds a B. A. in Geology and Environmental Studies from Middlebury College, where he and PI Matt Evans met in their freshman year geology course.  For 9 years Matt was also Director of the H. Adams Carter (’32) Outdoor Program at Milton Academy where he has taught many students to rock climb, kayak, and hike.  He has led numerous week to month-long outdoor adventure trips in the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, Baja, Belize, and the Bahamas.  He has experience with glacier travel and mountaineering from time spent in the North Cascades, Mt. Rainier, the Swiss Alps, and the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  Matt has also rock climbed and backpacked throughout the west, south, and east.  He is a certified Single Pitch Instructor with the American Mountain Guides association, has also worked as a sea-kayaking guide and instructor for Osprey Sea-Kayak Adventures in Westport, MA., and was trained as a Wilderness EMT. His science interests include ecology, fluvial geomorphology, glaciology, and climate science.