Parents’ Annual Fund

Parent Annual Fund Volunteers

Mrs. Joelle Auguste

Mrs. Kate Barkowski

Mr. Ibrahima Barry

Mrs. Jeanne M. Blasberg*, Annual Fund Parent Co-Chair

Mrs. Caroline K. Blauer

Mr. Todd F. Bourell

Mrs. Stephanie Bucci

Mrs. Reni D. Cadigan

Dr. Marcy G Carty

Mrs. Janett Colombo

Dr. James L. Demetroulakos

Mrs. Pam Demetroulakos

Mrs. Eliza G. Denoeux

Mr. Vicker V. DiGravio

Mr. Richard D. Dionne

Dr. Eman Elkadry

Mr. Yves A. Estimphile

Mrs. Jane Fitzpatrick

Ms. Marjorie Gad

Ms. Lee Gately

Mr. Peter E. Gelhaar

Ms. Dana Gershon

Mrs. Victoria Hackett

Mrs. Meredith M. Hall

Mr. Richard O. Hawkins

Mr. Bill Knowlton*, Annual Fund Parent Co-Chair

Mrs. Mary S. Ladd*, Annual Fund Parent Co-Chair

Dr. Susan B. Laster

Mr. Brian P. Lenihan

Ms. Hongwu Li

Ms. Anastasia Lok

Mr. Bruce Lundie

Ms. Ling Ma

Mrs. Maria M. Martignetti-Murphy

Mrs. Maria E. Martinez

Mr. Stuart I. Mathews*, Annual Fund Parent Chair

Mr. John D. McCammond

Ms. Mary-Kay F. Miller

Mrs. Nicole S. Murray

Dr. Long Nguyen

Ms. Hyun-A Park Friis

Mr. Samuel E. Park

Mr. Michael M. Parker

Mrs. Suzanne Pasko*, Annual Fund Parent Co-Chair

Mrs. Justin J. Perreault

Mrs. Donna M. Piccinni

Mrs. Leslie Pottow

Mrs. Benjamin P. Procter

Mrs. Nancy J. Quintin

Mrs. George B. Raine

Ms. Holly Rendle

Dr. Nancy Rosselot*, Annual Fund Parent Co-Chair

Mr. Michael C. Rubenstein

Mrs. Bea Sanders

Ms. Ruth Saunders

Mr. Daniel T. Sheehan

Mrs. Marie-Banatte Simon

Ms. Polly Smith-Atkins

Mr. Brad Stewart*, Annual Fund Parent Co-Chair

Ms. Kathleen Swien

Dr. Meredith W. Talbot

Mrs. Kathryn Ticknor

Mr. Brian D. Truesdale

Ms. Kristin Vaughn

Mr. David W. Walker

Mr. Kyle B. Warwick

Mr. Caleb White

Mrs. Hannah D. Wick

Mr. Anthony R. Winter


If a donor made a new pledge in 2013–2014, he or she is listed at the giving level corresponding to the pledge. Otherwise, donor names are listed at the level of their cumulative gifts made between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

Italics identify donors who are now deceased but who made gifts within the 2013–2014 fiscal year.

A * (star) indicates a parent or alumni leadership volunteer or reunion volunteer.

A M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to Milton for three consecutive years.

If you have a question, concern or problem regarding the Annual Report to Donors, please contact Liz Dixon-Eversole, director of annual giving, at 617-898-2374 or via email at