2013–2014 Report on Giving

»Posted on Oct 22, 2014

Report from the President of the Board and the Head of School

Milton is a thriving, vital center of passionate teaching and learning, thanks to your generosity. Your financial commitment covers the significant gap between tuition revenues and the actual cost of a Milton education each year; it supports every element of the Milton experience. Your gifts light up classroom discussions, stoke competitions on the fields, build the stage sets, warm the house common rooms, power the technology across campus, and bring together students who enliven the learning. You helped Milton meet and exceed our $4.1 million target for 2013–2014. You endorsed Milton’s priorities and direction, preparing young people to question, create, lead, solve problems, and “Dare to be true.” You expressed appreciation for devoted faculty who help young people realize who they are, what they can do, and what they should do. You enabled students from many backgrounds and hometowns to enrich the life of our School. Because of your support, young people are able to stretch and grow in effective ways.


The Annual Fund supports approximately seven percent of the true cost of a Milton education. Alumni contributed $2 million last year; and parents set a second consecutive record, also raising nearly $2 million and participating in the Fund at a record 81 percent. Class I students expressed gratitude with 95 percent of the class making a financial gift to Milton; and 64 percent of Milton faculty contributed, which represents another significant increase in participation, year over year.

Your financial support and your continued commitment to Milton’s educational values empower Milton to set and achieve a vision for educational leadership based in an unparalleled environment for teachers to develop their craft and for students to gain the competence and confidence to shape our tomorrows.

Thank you for helping preserve today’s Milton, and enabling Milton to fulfill the promise of our legacy, in today’s world.

Bradley M. Bloom
President, Milton Academy Board of Trustees

Todd B. Bland
Head of School

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