Classes 2010–2013

Class of 2010

Giving to the Annual Fund: $1,141

Giving to All Funds: $1,141

Participation: 18%

Mr. John W. Arcanti

Mr. Timothy Barry-Heffernan

Mr. John S. Brophy

Ms. Alexandra Childs

Ms. Monica K. Das

Mr. Lukas K. Gaffney

Mr. Liam A. GreaneyM

Ms. Katharine H. Haddad

Ms. Stephanie L. Harris, Class AgentM

Mr. Christopher T. HopkinsM

Mr. Nikhil R. Kalathil

Mr. Sam E. KaplanM

Ms. Caitlin A. Keliher

Mr. Andrew M. LebovitzM

Mr. Ross L. Lerner, Class AgentM

Ms. Rebecca Li, Class AgentM

Ms. Aneesha Mehta

Ms. Katherine M. MurrayM

Ms. Katherine R. Nimmo

Ms. Amanda O’Malley

Ms. Catherine E. O’Sullivan, Class AgentM

Mr. Louis F. Padnos

Ms. Emily Perkins

Ms. Marilyn L. PetrowskiM

Mr. Brennan N. RobbinsM

Ms. Melissa Santos

Mr. Scott G. SewallM

Ms. Assel M. Tuleubayeva

Ms. Celestine E. Warren

Mr. Jonathan D. Yu


Class of 2011

Giving to the Annual Fund: $1,095

Giving to All Funds: $1,095

Participation: 12%


Ms. Ashley E. Bair, Class AgentM

Mr. Thomas A. BeaudoinM

Ms. Zhen Zhen ChenM

Ms. Sarah K. Costello

Ms. Isabella C. FrontadoM

Ms. Madison M. Gallagher

Mr. Benjamin R. Hawkins

Ms. Lauren A. KeeM

Ms. Josette H. LaRochelle

Ms. Susannah R. LaVigneM

Ms. Sarah A. LynM

Ms. Elisabeth I. MakishimaM

Mr. Patrick T. McNally

Ms. Chloe P. MichaelidisM

Ms. Sophia T. Panarese

Mr. Stephen T. S. PawlakM

Mr. Joseph L. Reynolds, Class AgentM

Mr. John A. StrangM

Ms. Alexandra H. Stratouly

Ms. Jessica M. White

Ms. Katherine N. Woodhouse


Class of 2012

Giving to the Annual Fund: $887

Giving to All Funds: $1,017

Participation: 13%

Mr. Adam L. Beckman

Ms. Hannah W. CabotM

Ms. Tori A. CabotM

Mr. Jared FriedbergM

Ms. Jane R. GhublikianM

Ms. Molly B. Gilmore

Ms. Cydney R. Grannan

Ms. Sophie E. Janeway

Ms. Senk Joti

Mr. Vincent C. KennedyM

Mr. Do Sung Kim

Ms. Lillie LaRochelle

Mr. Matthew B. Lebovitz

Ms. Catharine W. Leffel

Ms. Tiffany NguyenM

Ms. Brighid M. NooneM

Mr. Martin D. K. Page, Class AgentM

Ms. Catharine P. ParkerM

Mr. Stewart R. Pollock

Mr. Thomas J. SchnoorM

Ms. Elizabeth Stanfield

Mr. Tyler Starks

Ms. Erin C. Yang


Class of 2013

Giving to the Annual Fund: $557

Giving to All Funds: $557

Participation: 9%


Ms. Lindsay W. Atkeson

Ms. Olivia Atwood

Ms. Amanda R. BeaudoinM

Ms. Anne A. Deng

Ms. Mallika T. Iyer

Mr. Kevin W. Ma

Mr. Jeremy C. Mittleman

Mr. Ikemefuna O. Ngwudo

Mr. Maximos N. Nikitas

Mr. John M. Oda-Gallagher

Mr. Duncan H. Sewall

Ms. Lillie N. Simourian

Ms. Liane G. Thornhill

Ms. Carina C. Young

Ms. Anna W. Zhang


If a donor made a new pledge in 2013–2014, he or she is listed at the giving level corresponding to the pledge. Otherwise, donor names are listed at the level of their cumulative gifts made between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

Italics identify donors who are now deceased but who made gifts within the 2013–2014 fiscal year.

A * (star) indicates a parent or alumni leadership volunteer or reunion volunteer.

A M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to Milton for three consecutive years.

If you have a question, concern or problem regarding the Annual Report to Donors, please contact Liz Dixon-Eversole, director of annual giving, at 617-898-2374 or via email at