Faculty and Staff (2012-2013)

The faculty and staff at Milton Academy are the heart of our community.  The following list recognizes faculty and staff members who made a gift in 2012–2013—above and beyond their daily gifts of time and energy—to support the Milton experience.


Ms. Elaine S. Apthorp ’75

Mr. Paul B. Archer

Ms. Carol Artacho Guerra

Ms. Sue Austin

Ms. Elizabeth C. Baker

Mr. Corey Baker ’03

Mr. David B. Ball ’88 M

Mr. John T. Banderob

Mrs. Erica C. Banderob

Mr. Todd B. Bland M

Mrs. Nancy Bland M

Ms. Jessica Bond

Ms. Jaclyn Bonenfant M

Ms. Sandra Butler

Ms. Britney Carr

Mr. Marshall Carter

Mr. Gordon D. Chase

Mr. Tarim P. Chung

Ms. Katie Collins

Ms. Nicole Colson

Mr. Mark W. Connolly

Mr. James F. Connolly

Ms. Sonya Conway

Mr. William Crissman

Ms. Rhianne Crowley M

Ms. Suzanne DeBuhr

Ms. Sarah Wicks Dey ’69

Mrs. Kristin Ostrem Donelan ’99 M

Ms. Caitlin Donnelly

Cheryl L. Doyle M

Mr. Donald M. Dregalla

Ms. Sandra Dunnington

Mr. George Dunnington III

Mrs. Cathleen Everett M

Ms. Linda Eyster

Ms. Nicole Ferrara

Mrs. Carrie L. Ferrin

Mr. Lawrence Fitzpatrick M

Mrs. Cathy A. Fitzpatrick M

Ms. Heather Flewelling

Mr. Scott Ford

Mr. Douglas C. Fricke M

Mr. Christopher S. Fuller

Mrs. Brenda W. Fuller

Mr. Thomas Gagnon M

Mrs. Liz Wood Gagnon M

Ms. Meghan Gayton

Ms. Maria Gerrity

Mr. Todd Goodman

Ms. Elizabeth E. Gray

Mr. Scott Green

Mrs. Suzie Hurd Greenup ’75 M

Mr. Mark GwinnLandry

Mr. Christopher A. Hales

Mr. William P. Hamel

Ms. Nicole Hammond

Mr. André M. Heard ’93 M

Mr. Michael Hecht M

Ms. Teresa J. HerrNeckar

Ms. Elizabeth P. Hetzler

Mr. Mark S. Hilgendorf

Ms. Jeanne Jacobs

Ms. Martha H. Jacobsen

Ms. Terri L. James Solomon

Mr. Peter Kahn

Ms. Susan Karp M

Dr. Anne L. Kaufman ’79

Ms. Barbara Kennard

Mr. James Kernohan

Ms. Amy Kirkcaldy

Rachel Klein-Ash

Ms. Eleza Kort

Mr. Sam Landau

Ms. Stephanie Lane

Ms. Mara Lappin

Mrs. Gretchen Larkin

Mr. James LaRochelle

Mr. Michael Lou

Ms. Kate R. Lynch M

Ms. Missy Manzer M

Mrs. Sadiemarie Mayes

Ms. Becky McCormick

Mrs. Nancy McCuen

Mrs. Jane McGuinness

Mr. Paul E. Menneg, Jr.

Mr. Francis D. Millet

Mr. James Mills

Mr. Steven Moore M

Ms. Lisa Morin

Mr. Kevin A. Moy ’05

Ms. Louise E. Mundinger

Ms. Heather Neal

Ms. Tamara Nikuradse

Ms. Katharine S. Novak

Mr. Tony Nunes

Ms. Maureen O’Brien

Ms. Shannon Ollerhead M

Mrs. Margaret D. O’Reilly M

Ms. Tasha Otenti

Mr. Derek Palmore

Ms. Jacquelyn Pennini

Mr. Matthew Petherick

Ms. Pamela J. Pleasants M

Ms. Malinda Polk

Mr. Lawrence Pollans

Mr. Bryan Price M

Ms. Hannah Pulit ’07

Mrs. Mary Jo Ramos

Mr. Juan Ramos

Mr. Paul Rebuck

Mr. Lamar Reddicks

Mr. Gregg W. Reilly

Ms. Kelly Reiser M

Ms. Sarah Richards

Ms. Teresa Rodriguez

Mrs. Caroline Walsh Sabin ’86

Mr. Thomas Sando

Ms. Michelle Saunders

Mr. Randy L. Schmidt

Mr. Gordon W. Sewall M

Mr. Gary Shrager

Ms. Deborah Simon

Mr. Robert M. Sinicrope M

Ms. Bridget Sitkoff

Mr. Sherrod E. Skinner III ’72 M

Mrs. Martha L. Slocum

Mr. David M. Smith M

Mr. Alden H. Smith

Ms. Margaret Stark

Ms. Laurel Starks M

Mrs. Michaela Steimle

Ms. Xaviera Strouble

Ms. Tasha Summers

Ms. Marie-Claude Tanny

Ms. Gabrielle Thal-Pruzan

Ms. Lydia Thorp

Ms. Tanaaz Timblo

Mr. Ian W. Torney ’82

Mr. Thomas Troy

Ms. Stephanie Truesdell M

Ms. Sarah Wehle M

Ms. Elizabeth West

Mrs. Susan M. Wheelwright

Ms. Lisa Winick

Ms. Shimin Zhou

Ms. Heather Zimmer


If a donor made a new pledge in 2012–2013, he or she is listed at the giving level corresponding to the pledge. Otherwise, donor names are listed at the level of their cumulative gifts made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Italics identify donors who are now deceased but who made gifts within the 2012–2013 fiscal year.

A * (star) indicates a parent or alumni leadership volunteer or reunion volunteer.

A M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to Milton for three consecutive years.

If you have a question, concern or problem regarding the Annual Report to Donors, please contact Shannon Ollerhead, director of annual giving, at 617-898-2374 or via email at shannon_ollerhead@milton.edu.