Endowed Giving (2012-2013)

The endowment at Milton Academy includes more than 370 restricted and unrestricted funds held in perpetuity and invested for growth. The endowment is the financial bedrock of the School, and as of June 30, 2013 was valued at approximately $215 million. In 2012–2013, donors made gifts to the endowed funds, scholarships, and prizes listed below. For more information about endowed funds, please contact Ann-Margaret Caljouw, director of stewardship, at 617-898-2379.

A. Howard and Susan Abell Fund

Established in 1973.  Income is used to benefit the Music Department.

Albright Fund for Excellence in Science
Established in August 2006 for the general support of the Science Department.

Louis Andrews Memorial Scholarship Award
Established in 1974. The income benefits a student in Class II who has best fulfilled his or her potential in the areas of intelligence, self-discipline, physical ability, concern for others and integrity.

Art Development Fund
Established in 1964.  Income is used for the Art Department.

The David B. Ball Faculty Salary Fund
Established in 2012 to underwrite faculty compensation.

Joseph W. Barry, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1996.  The income supports a US born student in need of financial aid.

The Bennett Family Scholarship
Established in April 2013, this endowment will fund accepted student/s at Milton Academy whose financial situation has been adversely impacted by health issues, including the death of a parent, or an illness impacting a parent, sibling or the student/s as determined by and at the discretion of the Dean of Admission and the Director of Financial Aid.

Bingham Endowment Fund for Creative Writing
Established in 1987.  Income is to benefit the Creative Writing Program.

James E. Bland ’58 Memorial Faculty Fund
Established in 1975.  The income of this fund is to be awarded annually to a member (or members) of the Milton faculty in order that he or she may enrich his or her own understanding and teaching of a subject consistent with Jim’s interests (history and music).

Ebenezer Francis Bowditch ’31 Scholarship
Established in 1990 to enable students of different cultures to attend Milton Academy.

The Sarah Bowles ’56 Speaker Fund
Established in 2013 by family and friends of Sarah Bowles, the fund is designed to bring to the Milton Academy campus speakers who reflect the intellectual curiosity and rigor that marked everything Sally did as both a student and a professional. Over time speakers should reflect a very wide range of perspectives on issues critical to the health of society in the United States and around the world.

Dr. Robert LeSourd Bradley ’64 Archeology Fund
Established in 2001.  The income funds a student on an archeological dig. The income is used biannually, beginning in 2008.

Elizabeth G. Buck Teaching Chair in Elementary Education
Established in 1996.  The income recognizes outstanding teaching in the Lower School and supports curriculum innovation.

The Henry Warder Carey ’39 Prize
Established in 1945.  The income funds an award to members of the First Class, who in public speaking and oral interpretation have shown consistent effort, thoroughness of preparation, and concern for others.

The Henry and Thelma Castro Scholarship
Established in 1996 to fund a permanent endowed scholarship for talented students regardless of economic background. The income may not be spent until the fund reaches $100,000.

Chan Family Endowment
Established in 2008, to support faculty, scholarship, and the residential life activities of Millet House.

The Class of 1953 Love Kindness Endowed Fund
Established in 2013, this fund will help support the good works of Milton Academy students in their effort to help others. The fund supports the Community Service Spring Break trip to an area where help is needed.

Class I 2011 Endowed Fund for Faculty Support
Established in 2010 by Class I 2011 parents who are striving to raise $1 million. 25% of each gift will be directed to the Annual Fund. The remaining 75% of each gift will go towards the Class I 2011 Endowed Fund for Faculty Support.

Class I 2013 Faculty Innovation Fund
Established in 2012-2013 by the parents of the Class of 2013. The income will provide faculty members with the opportunity to pursue innovative and fresh ideas that can enhance their craft, and be further implemented into their curricula – making Milton a top institution for the 21st century student.

Cox Endowment Fund
Established in 1974.  The income supports the library.

The Robert L. Daley Prize
Established in 1984.  The income supports a prize in the Classics to the student from Latin 4 or beyond who best exemplifies Mr. Daley’s love of language.

Mark Denneen Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007, the Mark Denneen Endowed Scholarship Fund will fund a qualified student coming to Milton Academy from a Massachusetts public school.

David C. Dudley ’45 Scholarship Fund
Established in 1945.  The income is for a scholarship for one or more Milton Academy boys from the first year they receive the scholarship through the year of their graduation.

Endowment Fund
Established in 1887.  Placed in endowment, the income is unrestricted.  Trustees may also use the principal if they choose.

Endowment for Faculty Support
Established in 1995. Income supports faculty salaries, curriculum development, faculty professional development, faculty chairs and stipends. Created as a “pooled” fund for those unable to meet minimum funding requirements for their own.

Faculty Salaries Fund
Established in 1951.  The income is for faculty salaries.

The Mary Ilsley Farnham ’29 Fund
Established in 2010 to honor Mary Ilsley Farnham’s commitment to Milton. The income funds a scholarship for a qualified student each year.

Thomas and Frances Flaherty Scholarship Fund
Established in 2008. The income funds a Class II boarding student who exhibits athletic and academic excellence and has earned the respect of teachers, coaches and peers.

Fund for Academic and Athletic Excellence
Established in 2008. The income provides financial aid to a female athlete participating in varsity soccer. If a female soccer player is not identified as someone in need of financial aid, the scholarship will be granted to another female athlete. The recipients will be chosen by the Director of Financial Aid in coordination with the Director of Athletics.

Thomas B. Gannett ’31 Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1968.  The income is for a scholarship for one Milton Academy boy from the year he receives the scholarship through his senior year.

General Scholarship Fund
The fund includes the accumulation of many gifts in the last 50 years which have indicated an unspecific preference for scholarship.

Gerney Family Fund
Established in 1998 to provide financial aid to a needy boarding student.

Melissa Dilworth Gold ’61 Visiting Artist Fund
Established in 1992.  The income from this fund is used by the Arts Department to bring a nationally recognized artist to the campus each year.

Victoria and Mark Graham Endowment
Pending Designation

Gratwick Concert Fund
Established in 1930.  The income enables the school to host a concert by a “distinguished musician or group of musicians.”

Grossman Family Fund
Established in 1992, the fund provides a full range of faculty support in the areas of Math and Science, English and Creative Writing, and the Classics.

Roger Hallowell ’28 Memorial Fund
Established in 1991.  The income of this fund supports a scholarship for a science student to attend a three week program each summer through Sea Education at Woods Hole.

Eric and Mary Hartmann Fund for Faculty Enrichment
Established in 1987.  The income is used at the Headmaster’s discretion to aid faculty members with unusual or extraordinary needs.

Head of School Award
Established in 1953.  The income, used at the Head of School’s discretion, pays the costs of the school which the regular budget might not cover.

Benjamin P. Hermann ’91 Memorial Music Fund
Established in 1994.  The income pays for string orchestra coaches from the New England Conservatory School of Music.

Ralph Hornblower Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1986.  The income benefits a male scholar athlete.

Kaiser Fund for Speech and Debate
Established in 2013. Funds to first provide essential support to the speech and debate programs. Once those program area needs are met, remaining funds will be distributed across the performing arts department at the discretion of the department head.

Kellner Scholarship
Established in 1987.  The income funds a scholarship, with preference awarded to children of employees of not-for-profit educational institutions.

Korean War Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1956. The income funds a scholarship for a student, preferably from developing countries or regions.

Frank Edwin Lane Fund
Established in 1951.  The income supports the salaries of math teachers, pays the tuition of a faculty child, or pays any emergency expenses of any faculty member at the Head of School’s discretion.

Samuel M. Lane ’27 Scholarship
Established in 1967.  The income funds a scholarship intended for a boy or girl in the Upper School, and offers tuition support through graduation.

The Lorber Family Scholarship
Established in 2004. The income supports financial aid.

David ’41 and Joseph ’52 Loring Scholarship
Established in 1978.  The income supports a student in the day school, paying partial tuition from the year the student first receives the scholarship until he or she graduates.

Lyman Fund for Media Development
Established in 2012 by Charles P. Lyman ’60, the fund will provide budget augmentation for the film courses or courses in the Visual Arts which promote the development, study and understanding of the moving image.

Abigail B. Mackey Scholarship Fund
Established in 2001.  The funds provide assistance for one or more female students entering Milton Academy during 10th or 11th grade, with a demonstrated interest in mathematics or science, a clear need for financial assistance and a background that differs from the usual.

Frank D. Millet Scholarship
Established in 1997 to support a student with financial need who has attended Milton Academy for at least one year; a student who demonstrates high moral integrity, is supportive of classmates, and has established meaningful relationships with peers and faculty.

Frank D. Millet Chair in Admissions
Established in 1995.  The income supports the Director of Admissions position.

H. Reginald & Rebecca Lord Nash Scholarship
Established in 1980.  The income funds a “motivated boy, with academic and athletic promise,” and remains with that boy until he graduates.

H. Willis Nichols, Jr. ’30 Scholarship
Established in 1986.  The income funds a partial aid scholarship to one or more boarding students, preferably from middle income backgrounds, until they graduate.

Norris Endowment
Established in 2009 with a gift from the estate of Thomas W. Norris, Sr. 1919. The funds are to be used as determined at later date by H. Coleman Norris ’49.

Frederick Hay Osgood Scholarship
Established in 2013 by Margaret C. Osgood ’29 with a bequest to honor the memory of her father Frederick Hay Osgood, a Master at Milton Academy from 1903 until 1947. The purpose is to provide financial aid for a Milton Academy student.

Edward and Fentress Park Scholarship
Established in 2013 to provide financial aid for any student K-12 at Milton Academy.

Laurence S. Persky ’79 Memorial Fund
Established in 1981.  The income funds a prize to recognize an outstanding effort of any type in any Milton publication.

Jennifer Pham Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2011 to honor the memory of Jennifer Pham, a Millet House girl who died during her Class II year.  This fund supports a young woman with exceptional promise.

Joseph Procter ’32 Golf Prize
Established in 1990.  The income funds an award to the student who embodies the qualities of Mr. Procter whose love of the challenge and etiquette of golf enriched his life and the lives of his friends and family.

C. Stuart & Elizabeth Swing Robertson Scholarship
Established in 1981.  The income funds a scholarship awarded to one or more students, and remains with the student until he or she graduates.

Margaret Filoon Robertson ’56 Music Fund
Established in 1996.  The fund supports travel for music groups.  Pre-tour concert is named for honoree.

David Rolbein Fund
Established in 1994.  The income maintains Milton Academy’s buildings and grounds.

Albert J. Scullin ’55 Scholarship
Established in 2005 to support a general scholarship.

Nina Seidenman Endowed Fund
Established in 2008. The scholarship supports local inner-city students.

S. E. Skinner, Jr. ’47 Scholarship
Established in 1970.  The income is intended for an Upper School boy until the year he graduates.

Richard Stevens Squash Fund
Established in 1985.  The income is to offset the costs of building and maintaining the Williams Squash Courts.

Herbert G. Stokinger ’24 Fund for Physical Education
Established in 1995. The income is additional support over and above the regular budget for the Milton facilities.

David S. Stone ’70 Endowed Fund for Science Enrichment
Established in 2005. The fund is to provide essential support in the area of program enrichment through alliances with the regional scientific community and, additionally, provide financial support to enable the extraordinary student to participate in these opportunities.

Lawrence A. Sykes Scholarship Fund
Established in 2008 to support diversity within the Upper School day student population.

Samuel S. Talbot II ’65 Memorial Fund
Established in 1993.  The income enhances Milton’s efforts in teaching members of the community about affective behavioral issues.

Thomas C. Wales ’70 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003.   The endowment is restricted until the donor designates a purpose.  The fund must reach $25,000 before income can be used.

The Edward W. Weld Scholarship
Established in 2007, this fund is to aid students who require financial assistance to attend Milton Academy and to honor the memory of Edward W. Weld.

Williams Squash Prize Fund
Established in 1972.  The income of this fund is used to award the Albert C. Williams Prize bowl to the winner of the All-School Squash Championship: the Ralph B. Williams, III prize bowl for the MVP boy in squash and the Ralph B. Williams, Jr. Prize bowl for the MVP girl in squash.

Yip Family Endowment
Established in 2011 by Kevin Yip ’83 and Ka-Hay Kip ’89, the Yip Family Endowment supports Milton Academy’s general operations.