The Orange & Blue Circle (2012-2013)

The Orange & Blue Circle symbolizes Milton spirit in all aspects of campus life. During the 2012–2013 year, young graduates in the classes of 1999 through 2013 became members of The Orange & Blue Circle by giving a leadership gift: graduates from 1999–2003, gifts of $750 or more; from 2004–2008, gifts of $250 or more; from 2009–2013, gifts of $100 or more.

Ms. Victoria J. Aiello ’08 M

Mr. Nathaniel P. Anschuetz ’06 M

Mr. Nelson L. Barrette ’13

Mr. Michael J. Bechek ’06 M

Ms. Alice H. Becker ’11

Ms. Elizabeth Berylson ’04 * M

Mr. James D. Bowden, Jr. ’13

Ms. Tori A. Cabot ’12 M

Ms. Carri W. S. Chan ’00

Mr. Christopher S. Chao ’99

Mr. Michael J. Chao ’08

Ms. Zhen Zhen Chen ’11 M

Mr. Robert T. Chubrich ’03 M

Ms. Leah Culver ’00 M

Ms. Natalie Curtis ’04

Mrs. Eliza Cutrell ’01

Mr. Matthew C. Cutrell ’00

Ms. Caroline S. Donovan ’02 M

Mr. Patrick B. Donovan ’99

Mr. Thomas M. Dougherty ’99

Mr. James M. Fee ’06 M

Mr. Michael J. Fitoussi ’06 M

Ms. Jacqueline W. Flint ’06 * M

Ms. Tracy A. Fong ’99

Mr. Matthew M. Ford ’99 M

Mr. Julian Fu ’07

Mr. Anthony J. Garrity ’09 M

Mr. Orhan C. Gazelle ’07

Ms. Brooke S. Harris ’99 * M

Ms. Emily D. Harris ’06

Mr. Christopher T. Hopkins ’10 M

Ms. Celeste E. Hughey ’04

Mr. Robert B. Hurd ’00

Mr. Neil P. Katuna ’05

Mr. Do Sung Kim ’12

Ms. Samantha S. R. Kim ’00

Mr. Nai N. Ko, Jr. ’00

Mr. Ian Kwok ’05 M

Ms. Kathryn Lazares ’05

Mr. Alexander P. Lee ’99

Mr. Benjamin G. Lekht ’07

Ms. Isabelle C. Lelogeais ’11

Mr. Ross L. Lerner ’10 M

Ms. Colleen Ritzau Leth ’04 M

Ms. Chelsey J. Locarno ’08

Mr. James G. MacEachern ’09

Ms. Helen McCarthy ’04 * M

Mr. Patrick T. McNally ’11

Ms. Aneesha Mehta ’10

Mr. Maximos N. Nikitas ’13

Ms. Meghan K. O’Toole ’01 M

Mr. Dean E. Perry ’08

Mr. Philip K. Powers ’13

Mr. William S. Pride ’08 M

Mr. Brennan N. Robbins ’10 M

Ms. Lindsay B. Rodman ’01, Orange and Blue Circle Co-Chair * M

Mr. Kyle M. Roy ’09

Mr. Armen J. Sarkis ’99

Mr. Benjamin A. Scharfstein ’12 M

Mr. Travis C. Sheldon ’12 M

Ms. Gabrielle J. Starfield ’09

Ms. Gina M. Starfield ’12 M

Ms. Elizabeth R. Stark ’08

Mr. Matthew P. Verrochi ’99

Mrs. Caitlin M. Walsh ’02, Orange and Blue Circle Co-Chair * M

Mr. Justin M. Walsh ’99

Mr. Michael J. Walsh, Jr. ’01 M

Mr. Ryan Walsh ’05

Mr. Daniel M. Weisman ’00

Ms. Jess M. Yu ’06

Mr. Jonathan D. Yu ’10

Mr. Andrew Zheng ’05


If a donor made a new pledge in 2012–2013, he or she is listed at the giving level corresponding to the pledge. Otherwise, donor names are listed at the level of their cumulative gifts made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Italics identify donors who are now deceased but who made gifts within the 2012–2013 fiscal year.

A * (star) indicates a parent or alumni leadership volunteer or reunion volunteer.

A M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to Milton for three consecutive years.

If you have a question, concern or problem regarding the Annual Report to Donors, please contact Shannon Ollerhead, director of annual giving, at 617-898-2374 or via email at