Students in the Activism for Justice in a Digital World course asked local activists who work on economic inequality the following questions:

What can we learn from local activists about the impact of economic inequality through the lenses of environmental justice, racism, housing, education, and immigration?

How can we create change?

See how the activists answered in the videos linked below.

Deborah Hughes, Brookview House

David Noiles, Environmental Activist

Eli Pimentel, Boston City Council

Donna Lashus, The Taylor School

Students in Class III English asked the following question:

What is the relationship between citizenship and access to wealth?

After answering the question for themselves, and then interviewing individuals they knew with various citizenship statuses in the US, they reached final reflections, which they share in the videos linked below.

Jasper’s Reflection

Aaron’s Reflection

Blessie’s Reflection

Eliza’s Reflection

Gianna’s Reflection

Jonathan’s Reflection

Nina’s Reflection

Tori’s Reflection

In an interdisciplinary project, students in AP United States Government and in Advanced 2D Technology and Media collaborated to explore the following question:

How does economic inequality impact access to politics?

The research performed by the AP Government students was illustrated by the Advanced 2D Tech and Media students in these posters.