Mustang Power

Milton Academy Strength and Conditioning


Mustang Power, the Milton Academy Strength and Conditioning program, functions as a tool for athletes to achieve their potential and perform at the highest level possible. Through dedication and hard work, Mustang Power provides a year round avenue for athletes to improve strength, speed, agility, flexibility, foot-speed and conditioning.

The program emphasizes proper technique and gradual improvements to functionally train an athlete for his or her sport. Mustang Power starts with testing for strength, agility, speed and conditioning in order to create a safe starting point as well as providing a way to create reachable yet challenging goals. When not on the playing field or in the weight room, Mustang Power emphasizes good nutrition to ensure the best results.

Finally, Mustang Power is a tool for preventing and minimizing injuries. Strength and conditioning programs such as Mustang Power increase muscle mass which supports the body better as well as allows the body to recover faster.




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